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Jo-Ná has increasingly become an in-demand speaker at universities, organizations, companies, and events transforming audiences with her powerful position on creativity, personal empowerment and entrepreneurship. She’s known for inspiring people with her workshops and talks yet, giving concrete actionable strategies that attendees can implement the moment they leave.


“The students loved Jo-Ná’s talk. It was one of the best talks given this semester!”

- Larisa Mann, Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions, NYU

“Her workshop, “Creating a Legal Foundation for Your New Business” was the top-rated workshop by participants - all aspiring or established women entrepreneurs. I have no doubt it was due to Jo-Ná’s down-to-earth and direct speaking style coupled with her level of expertise and knowledge. Jo-Ná’s love for imparting much-needed knowledge to attendees provided real value for event participants.”

- Jahan Mantin, Project Entrepreneur Summit Programmer, Rent the Runway Foundation

“Jo-Ná's presentation was accessible, fun, and engaging. Participants confessed even weeks after the event, that they were unsure of their decision and best practices going in, and once finished, felt sure of the direction of their creative entrepreneurial practice. She met the group, where they were, consistently checked in and was easy and flexible to work with behind the scenes as well. Grateful to work with a woman with expertise in a field that so few have access to and the graciousness to share her wealth.”  

- Jade Foster, Cee Smith Media

“Jo-Ná is a gifted public speaker, with the unique ability to communicate with audiences of varying business experience.  Her workshops deliver practical and actionable business advice for artists and creatives. Her sold out workshop that we hosted for our Soul of Brooklyn Festival was both a hit with attendees and the host venue.”

- James Bartlett, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts

"Jo-Ná's wellness in the workplace workshop was exactly what we needed. It was informative, uplifting and actionable.  She not only filled our office with her positive energy, but also helped us reaffirm that it is essential, not optional, for us to be our authentic selves at work and speak our truth while honoring where others are in their own journey. The tools and techniques she taught our group left us feeling empowered and energized."  

- Nik Sallie Franklin, Marketing Manager, Facebook

“Jo-Ná's workshop, entitled “Entrepreneurship 101,” was a tremendously useful and engaging learning experience for Tide Risers members. I especially appreciated Jo-Ná's ability to tailor her presentation to meet the needs of our rather diverse group of women in various stages of launching and relaunching not only for-profit entities with a social impact focus but also nonprofit organizations. We plan to keep Jo-Ná in the Tide Risers family, as she is an invaluable resource for us, and just a joy to work with.”

- Lara Holliday, Founder & CEO, Tide Risers

“Jo-Ná's Artist Empowerment workshop was eye opening and inspiring. Her presence and concepts captivated the audience. Jo-Ná's workshop was engaging and versatile.  Her ideas connected with broad spectrum of artists in attendance from models to musicians, writers, performers, and visual artists, everyone left with a clear and concise plan to expand their careers.”  

- Kiernan Dunn, Director, 5 Press Street Gallery


(These are sample topics. Please feel free to contact us for a customized presentation) 

  • Entrepreneurship 101: How to start and build the right business foundation,

  • How to build and grow a profitable business to support your creative vision and/or social activism

  • Burnout/Recovery/Thriving for entrepreneurs,

  • Communication strategies for handling conflict between marginalized employees,

  • Divorcing the limited black woman narrative and owning your story,

  • Redefining failure,

  • Copyright 101: For influencers, entertainers, and entrepreneurs,

  • Trademarks 101: How to use trademarks to build a solid, protected and powerful brand,

  • Creating a business to support your career in entertainment,

  • The legal foundation for new or growing entrepreneurs,

  • Creating your authentic brand as a artist and make a living with your craft.

Artist Empowerment: Building the Foundation between art, freedom and entrepreneurship.

Many artists wonder how can they be monetarily and/or commercially successful without sacrificing their creative liberties or being consumed with the daily tasks to create a sustainable career leaving little time for what they truly desire…to be an artist. This battle between artistic freedom and consumerism is one deeply rooted in the world’s history. However, the current disintegration of the lines between accessibility and commerce has created incredible opportunities for artists to craft their careers and the freedom and money to do so. This presentation will discuss the current trend towards entrepreneurship and the specific tools that have created the pattern contemporary artists use to become masters at ruling their market and making money on their terms.

Participants will leave with:

  • An understanding of how entrepreneurship plays a key part in the success of an artist in today’s landscape.

  • The specific business and marketing tools current artists use to create a successful career.

  • A plan to start implementing each tool into their careers as artists immediately.

Secure Your Empire: Creating a Legal Foundation for Your Business 

Setting your business up so that it's protected legally can seem like the last thing on your to-do list but it is often the most important. This workshop is designed to give entrepreneurs an in-depth look at how intellectual property and business law can be used to secure their company’s foundation, protect their brand, and expand their reach and impact. 

Participants will leave with:

  • An understanding of how to protect your intellectual property (even in the early stages).

  • An outline of your business entity and which entity may be right for your business.

  • The specific "must have" contracts you need to ensure you're on the right track.

Foundations of Entrepreneurship: The BEST Personal Empowerment Tool on the Planet 

Whatever the reason for pursuing entrepreneurship, many people do not have a clear understanding of the important business, creative and personal components it takes to build a strong business centered around their creative passion or desire for massive global shifts centered around a world issue they want to address with a positive impact. This workshop aims to give not only the overall understanding of the business foundational pieces, but also the “REAL DEAL” tips on how to navigate the treacherous and expansive waters personally.

Participants will leave with an understanding of:

  • What are the most important components of creating a solid business foundation and incredible life.

  • What creates a successful brand, how do you build one that appeals to the masses.

  • Mind and body set shifts and Intuition - your best entrepreneurial tools and how to align them all for the big leap.



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