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Ep 38: Following your dreams as a "Late Bloomer" with Malia

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This episode is really special because we get to hear the story of following your dreams from the perspective of an indie musician. Malia's music will touch your soul and her story is so inspiring. Hope you enjoy it. 

Music has always been a meaningful part of Malia’s life but was not really a focus until finally picking up the electric guitar a few years ago. Garnering an early buzz as an acoustic singer/songwriter, her recent studio work and live show reveal that this PNW-raised, LA-based songstress is paving her own way as the lead guitar player in her outfit assembled of friends and collaborators. Her latest project, ‘Late Bloomer’ is now available everywhere and it’s clear that Malia’s presence is only going to grow!

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Ep. 23 Thriving after your divine storm with Alyson Charles

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Alyson Charles is our magical guest for this episode. This conscious lifestyle expert had a divine moment that led her from being a National champion athlete and television host to becoming a shaman and fully-embodied spiritual leader. We learn so much from this gracious human as she discusses the steps to gently guiding yourself from recovery to thriving in this episode. What an incredible journey. We hope you enjoy! Check her out Instagram @iamalysoncharles or her website

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