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Ep 49: Continuing to grow and thrive as a creative with Warren McCrae


How do you keep your business going as your industry shifts? How do you continue to thrive in your creative life as you continue to navigate change and profitability year after year? Warren has the answer. He's been in the music industry as an engineer, musician and studio owner for over 25 years! Having worked with greats such as Tina Turner, Alicia Keys, and even 50 Cent, Warren has grown with the industry while also maintaining a thriving recording studio. On this episode, he shares his secrets of success and what's next for him! Hope you enjoy. Follow the show on IG at jwilliamsesq  and artistswithoutdayjobs or email us at

Full Bio:

Warren McCrae has continued his love for music and has spent more than 25 years playing and being Musical Director for various artists such as KELIS, KEITH SWEAT, FREDDIE JACKSON, JANET JACKSON,


He then turned to Funk, Rock & Roll and did multiple world tours and co-wrote /

produced music for NONA HENDRYX (from the group LABELLE) and LITTLE


Being versatile got the attention of ROGER DAVIES (MANAGER - SADE, P!NK,

JANET, CHER) to work with Rock & Roll Legend JOE COCKER. Warren went on to

do 4 consecutive World Tours and 3 DVD’s / CD’s with JOE COCKER. He then met

TINA TURNER, and has continued to work with her for over 2 decades. Warren

performed with TINA on her “WILDEST DREAMS WORLD TOUR”(1996-1997). Her

“TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WORLD TOUR”, which was the largest selling tour of 2000.

Warren also co-produces, engineers, mixes, remixes, plays live bass and synth bass, drum

programming, additional production on several projects for fellow PRODUCERS. He’s



Warren completed work with MARK on MELISSA ETHERIDGE’S CD, entitled “This

Is M.E.”. Warren is currently working with MARK other upcoming projects for other

Major Recording Artist.

Warren’s mission and his talented staff at 24-7 Music Group is to create amazing musical

content by real musicians, singers and songwriters at its highest level. We can facilitate

any genre of music, to any client, at anytime. We have the ability to collaborate with

other major or indie artist. At our state of the art, private recording studio in California

where creativity and expression is developed into hits, happy clients and career success.



Ep 47: Diversity & the Inkblot with Project Inkblot!

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Today we speak to the powerful women behind Project Inkblot is a NYC based consultancy that developed Design for Diversity™(D4D), a powerful design & capacity building framework to help teams build inclusive and equitable services, products and content for all people.

I met these two beautiful souls when we were doing a speaking gig together at Brooklyn Museum! Today we discuss their powerful story of how they developed their amazing company and their mission to continue changing the world in their way.



Ep 46: Taking care of your personal relationships while you're "entrepreneur-ing"

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Ah! While our mission as a creator can be our passion, it's important that we make sure we don't fall off track with tending to our personal lives and the relationships that enrich it! Host Jo-Na shares some tips on how to keep them intact while you navigate the wild world of being a creative business owner. Follow Jo-Na and the show on IG at @artistswithoutdayjobs and @jwilliamsesq 



Bonus Episode - Detox and Season 3!

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Ahhh so it's time for a detox. Time of the year for rest, reflection and making space for your next move. On this episode, I share with you why I'm going on a detox and how you can set yourself up for your best year yet. Plus, some details about Season 3. IF you want to connect with me or the show go to @jwilliamsesq on all social media. See you in 2019 for Season 3! 



Ep 40: Successfully changing careers for follow your own path with Jen Groover

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Get ready for Jen Groover. This powerhouse is going to share with us some of her most important tips for creating a successful career even as you pivot to a new one. As Artists who eventually want to transition out of their dayjobs, I figured she would be an amazing guest since that's exactly what she did. Great ready to hear some amazing knowledge in her powerful and inspiring story. 

Jen Groover's Bio 

Jen Groover has been tagged by SUCCESS MAGAZINE as a “One-Woman Brand,” a “Creativity and Innovation Guru” and a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine, a “Mindful Mogul” by Philly Happening and ranked #8 by SAP in the Top 51 Influencers of Human Potential.  Jen Groover’s name has become synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, evolution and human potential. She was recently nominated as a UN delegate to the first ever Global Accelerator for the Global Entrepreneurs Council.  She also made history at the NYSE, as a member of the first all-female group to ring the opening bell, made Forbes’ list of “50 Founders You Need to Follow on Twitter”  and was nominated “TV Personality of The Year Award” in 2013  by Savor the Success.  

As a successful serial entrepreneur, author and thought leader in human potential, as well as a retired National Level Fitness Competitor, Jen Groover’s energy and multi-faceted, diverse wisdom and experiences, have made her a highly sought after International speaker for over 20 years on topics ranging from: Optimizing Human Potential for increased Success and

Happiness, Emotional Intelligence, Empowerment, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Branding Wellness and Energy Management, Effective Communication Skills, through to Mindful Parenting. She has keynoted to audiences up to 35,000 people in stadiums, to leading intimate workshops for smaller groups, as well as online symposiums. Her clients have ranged anywhere from Fortune 500 Companies to top Universities, Business and Wellness Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Groups, High Schools to Non-Profits.

You can find her at



Ep 39: Tax secrets for savvy creators with Alexis Kimbrough

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Today we're talking to Alexis Kimbrough of the Tax Firm, Growth Group and we are so excited about it. She runs a firm specifically geared towards helping musicians create the best tax strategies and the right foundation for their career. We have the opportunity to get all the savvy secrets on what we need to do for before the tax year starts! Can't wait for you to hear this episode. 

Alexis Kimbrough's bio:

I received my degree in accounting while a member of Howard University’s “Showtime” Marching band, where I performed alongside numerous musicians and performed internationally. Followed by a master’s degree in tax, I helped billion dollar corporations reduce their taxes by millions of dollars.

Going back to my musical roots, I have dedicated my accounting career to helping music creators make a prosperous living by loving their craft. My music education made me the CPA I have become, through scholarship and the requirements of developing skill through practice and dedication.

You can find Growth Group at or on FB at

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Ep 37: Savvy money tips for creators with Farnoosh Torabi

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Money money money! This is such an important topic for creators and I am so excited to bring you the best in the business on the subject, Farnoosh Torabi. 

She's an incredible expert who is shaking up the world with her savvy tips on money and she's was gracious enough to stop by the Artists Without DayJobs camp to share some of her expertise with us! 

Farnoosh is a sought-after speaker and bestselling author. Each year she speaks at numerous events, companies, organizations and schools. Recent engagements have included SXSW, Tedx, The PA and MA Conferences for Women and The Simmons Leadership Conference. She’s written multiple books, the latest entitled When She Makes More: The Truth About Love and Life for a New Generation of Women. She is the Financial Ambassador for Chase Slate.

Farnoosh’s work and advice have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Time, Marie Claire, Glamour, Redbook and USA Today. She appears on major news and talk shows. Highlights include the NBC Today, CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The View and Live! With Kelly and Michael.

She hosted the Webby-nominated web series, Financially Fit, on Yahoo. She’s also served as a money coach on such shows as Remake America on Yahoo!, Bank of Mom & Dad on soapNet and TLC’s REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE.

Farnoosh graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Finance and International Business. She also holds a Master’s from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She resides happily in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.

Don't forget to check out her podcast, So Money or contact her at!



The difference between Beyoncé and the rest of us.

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Today's episode is all about the single key to accessing our inner greatness. It's the key to Beyonce's success and countless others. Hope this episode inspires you to go for it! 

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Ep. 25 Turning your passion into a world class calling with Nick Onken

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We're so excited to speak to Nick Onken, photographer, podcast host, and creative entrepreneur devoted to inspiring the world to create their moments and create their life. Nick has photographed personalities such as Justin Bieber, Usher, and Jessica Alba. He has photographed print campaigns for international brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Adidas. His work has also been published in magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire.

This episode we discuss how he went from graphic designer to photographer and all the ways that he used his talent and hustle to make it to the top of the photo world. You can find his work at Instagram @nickonken, his podcast Nion Radio, his site, and his awesome hashtag: #createyourmoments.

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