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Ep 41: Becoming a full-time healer and magic maker with Deganit Nuur

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Have you ever wondered how people build successful spiritual businesses? From Psychics to tarot readers, so many people have spiritual gifts and don't understand how to build a sustainable living from them. Well If you're wondering, Dr. Deganit Nuur one of the most successful spiritual teachers in the wellness world shares her story of how she built her wildly successful practice, Nuurvana starting from the early days. This episode will totally demystify the process. Let's dive in! 

Deganit's Bio: 

Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, intuitive, acupuncturist, writer, and lecturer. Nuur was named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication Goop.

 Nuur created and teaches the revolutionary Nuurvana Method™, which is based upon traditional Eastern Philosophy that seeks to integrate mind, body, and spirit. The Nuurvana Method goes beyond what meets the eye to heal the spiritual plane, resulting in profound shifts in mind and body and thereby reintegrating spirit into alignment with one’s true purpose and passion. The method is effective in treating chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, among others.

 Nuur speaks at corporations and conferences, globally leading talks and workshops on intuition, teaching audiences how to live up to their pure potential, and finding their true path.

Nuur and the Nuurvana Method have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, Elle, Vanity Fair, Goop, and Daily Candy, amongst others. Nuur was selected to be the featured Intuition expert for Goop. You can check out her amazing company at and on all social media at @nuurvana.