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Ep 52: Do you have "Employee Mentality"?

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Have you ever felt like "work was work" and creating wasn't? How can we change our mentality around creating to be aligned with doing our greatest work? Jo-Ná talks about her process of aligning both in this episode. If you want to connect with us check us out on IG at jwilliamsesq or email us at



Ep 47: Diversity & the Inkblot with Project Inkblot!

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Today we speak to the powerful women behind Project Inkblot is a NYC based consultancy that developed Design for Diversity™(D4D), a powerful design & capacity building framework to help teams build inclusive and equitable services, products and content for all people.

I met these two beautiful souls when we were doing a speaking gig together at Brooklyn Museum! Today we discuss their powerful story of how they developed their amazing company and their mission to continue changing the world in their way.



Ep 39: Tax secrets for savvy creators with Alexis Kimbrough

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Today we're talking to Alexis Kimbrough of the Tax Firm, Growth Group and we are so excited about it. She runs a firm specifically geared towards helping musicians create the best tax strategies and the right foundation for their career. We have the opportunity to get all the savvy secrets on what we need to do for before the tax year starts! Can't wait for you to hear this episode. 

Alexis Kimbrough's bio:

I received my degree in accounting while a member of Howard University’s “Showtime” Marching band, where I performed alongside numerous musicians and performed internationally. Followed by a master’s degree in tax, I helped billion dollar corporations reduce their taxes by millions of dollars.

Going back to my musical roots, I have dedicated my accounting career to helping music creators make a prosperous living by loving their craft. My music education made me the CPA I have become, through scholarship and the requirements of developing skill through practice and dedication.

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