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The #1 Mistake That Can Shatter Your Business Success.

I’ve had a coach since the moment I opened the doors of my law practice.

It was 2011 when I started and I had a good friend whom I respected a lot invite me to come to an event that her coach was hosting.

I was new, excited, ready to tackle the entrepreneurial world and petrified (which in all honesty motivates me). My friend said to me, “Girl this is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m on track to make six figures, my clients are happy, I feel fulfilled. YASSSS! That’s all I can say.”

I’m was intrigued like, “What! That comes from working with this one lady? I needed to know what she did. How did it all work? What was the secret?”

At the time, I think I had about $600 bucks in the bank. I gave $500 to her and signed up for her coaching program. It was a huge leap of faith. However, I trusted my friend and I was motivated enough to do the work.

Now, my coach was tough. She didn’t take any excuses, she was highly motivated and her workaholism was like MUSIC to my ears (recovering addict right here!). However, she wasn’t in back pocket all the time.

However you know what was? The community of other women she was supporting. My community.  Those entrepreneurs became my lifeline.

The women I asked for advice from.

The women who GOT me.

The women I partnered with in business.

The women who were in the same boat in many ways but also brilliant in their fields.

The women who gave me so much support, promoted me, gave me wild ideas (that became programs & products) and held space for me to grow in a safely.  

It was a Godsend and I will never forget that time. We became a sisterhood bound together in the battle against broke and broken-ness.

Since then, I’ve never been without one.

Quite often as a business owner; someone who’s putting your voice out in the world, you’re working alone.

And if you’re an introvert (like most creative people tend to be) that isolation can be even worse.

Now, I know that you may be thinking, “Oh Jo-Na I hear you but, I can do this by myself. I’ve got this. I’m good. Blah blah.” Let me tell you something, you can’t and if you try you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You may be able to create your art alone but you can’t run your business alone, have an enriching life or grow as a human without community.

You need people, a network, and a place to work through the perils of your life and running a business as a creative person.

Entrepreneurship ain’t for the faint of heart and neither is your life. Athletes are on teams with a coach for a reason. They can’t win the game alone.

It’s the #1 mistake you will encounter over and over again about why businesses fail...not having enough support.

All the people you admire for their skill, their excellence and their impact have all had the support of their communities.

Yep, Serena Williams

Mmmhmm Oprah Too.

Tony Robbins? Yep.

Janelle Monae? She’s got it.

Sir Richard Branson? He’s in it.

It’s how we thrive as humans. However when you get one, make sure it’s the RIGHT community.

One that inspires you.

One that empowers you.

One that is filled with people who support your ascension and see it as a reflection of their own.

This can be in the form of a mastermind, a support group or whatever works for you.

Now, if you’re interested in joining my Mastermind applications close next Tuesday, May 30th.

This is a group of powerful, high-level creative women READY to make big changes in the world (starting with themselves).

Yes we will work your business.

Yes we will address what’s happening in your life.

Yes we will have a lot of fun along the way and

Yes you will get the momentum you desperately desire.

If you’re ready, I encourage you to apply and if you’re the right fit, you will hear from me on the next steps. I put my heart and soul into working with them so if you’re ready for high-level 1:1 support and a community who’s ready to cheer, support and REALLY help you live the life you want and deserve, fill out the application here.

We’re going there. Hope you join us.

See you next week AND I’ll see you in Mastermind.

Love you Fiercely,