What do you want? Think about it. What do you REALLLLLY want?

Whether it’s a new job, to increase your following, make more money, find the right partner, get in shape, publish a book or whatever, have a chart-topping album, we all want something from this life.

Desire is one of the most powerful tools on the planet for accessing the energy to bring what you want into fruition. However, do you really WANT what you say you want?

I remember hearing one of my clients say to me that she wanted more clients. This is great right? She’s a purposeful, driven woman who could definitely get more clients if she wanted to. However, it wasn’t happening.

She would try and try - create Facebook ads, set up sales calls, work on her energy to receive more clients, she would push and push andddd...nothing. The clients just weren’t coming.

“What am I doing wrong?” She’d ask me.

“Nothing” I answered.

On the surface, it seemed like she was doing everything right. She had the desire, she worked hard, she got coaching, and she was willing...everything.

However, energetically she really didn’t want more clients no matter what she said.

I asked her, “Why don’t you want clients?”

“I do! I do! What are you talking about?”

“Nah...no you don’t. Why don’t you want them?”

When we dug deeper she’d put up blocks to receiving more clients because she was tired. She didn’t like how her business was set up, she felt like having more clients would stress her out and she wasn’t charging what she wanted and it made her feel bad every time she accepted a client at a lower rate.

Energetically she was sabotaging her efforts while on the outside she was taking all the right steps. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing, when you are desiring to achieve, create or be something in your life there are two things at play in the scenario: 1) Your actions towards what you desire and 2) Your energy in relation to what you desire.

Energy is the strongest. It’s what all these woo-woo people (myself included) talk about. It’s the law of attraction. It’s all the spiritual texts telling you to have faith. It’s all the forces in the Universe (God, Goddess, Nature, Elements, Higher Power, Source, Stars and all that) working on your behalf to bring you that desired thing. It’s not luck. It’s energy.

However, it can’t bring the thing to you if you block it.

Most people don’t even realize that they are blocked. Yes, you too.

The Universe works with speed and if there are no blocks, what you want will come rushing towards you. It will come looking for you. It’s undeniable.

The reason you don’t have what you want, is because you don’t really want it. If you did, you wouldn’t put up blocks to it.

Now I know you may be thinking, “But Jo-Na, that’s not true. I am doing EVERYTHING that I can to see _______ happen. It’s just not working for me! I don’t know why but it’s not me. I am doing the steps.”

Yep. I hear you. But it’s not just the steps you need for this process.

If you don’t have something, you need to ask yourself, why you’re blocking it. You’d be surprised as to what comes up when really commit to this process and open to your wisdom around this.

In the Diamond Mastermind, I have the women do something called an “Emotional Dump.” They just spit out everything that they are feeling about a particular situation without judgment from themselves or the group. When you do this, without your mind psyching you out or trying to convince you to think something else because what you’re thinking is “Not nice” then so much gets illuminated. You will see your blocks and then you can course correct. You can’t WILL what you want into existence but with the right energy and actions, you can have it.

I recommend that you think about the thing that you want. Sit quietly and just imagine yourself, having the thing you want. Does it bring forth anxiety? Fear? Shame? Stress? Pressure? Even on a low level under the surface, do you feel anything other than PURE JOY and BLISS at receiving what you want?

Once you feel into it. Then I want you to write out an Emotional Dump asking yourself, “Why am I blocking it?” See what comes up for you. Once you know WHAT the block is  you can take action steps on eradicating this belief. As Abraham Hicks says, “A belief is just a thought we keep thinking over and over again.” Ok if that’s all there is, you’ve created a set of beliefs around what you want and you CAN change those beliefs so you receive it. Very simple. Don’t make it hard on yourself. You’re not a victim and the Universe isn’t conspiring against you. You can have what you want, be your own healer and remove that block boo!

My client did this exercise and received 3 new clients a week later. It’s not magic. It’s just recalibration.

Try it and let me know what happens for you. Also, today is the LAST DAY for you to apply to Mastermind. If you’ve been thinking about it, If you’ve been wanting it, don’t block yourself. Say yes to it and see how the magic unfolds in your life and business as you open the door for yourself.

No more blocking. Let’s remove them so you REALLY receive what you desire.

Love you Fiercely,