Through her consulting work Jo-Ná loves to work companies, creators and entrepreneurs with creative, personal development, and social impact objectives. She works in three distinct areas:  

  • Legal and Business Affairs Advising - Providing business guidance and assessing where your business is vulnerable to potential legal issues and liability and creating the steps to put your business on the right legal path.

  • Brand and Marketing Consulting  - Branding that draws out the creative and unique aspects of you and your company that align with your vision and your customer.

  • Business Expansion Strategy-  Creating a strategy for the long-term growth and adding new and innovative products or services to your company’s current model to increase revenue and plan for it’s use to expand your company.

She can help you create a customized plan to: 

  • Reach your business or company objectives based on your unique goals and challenges.

  • Provide legal guidance so you know exactly what protection is missing and where your company is vulnerable to legal liability.

  • Increase your profit margin so you have more money to invest in your business’s growth.

  • Create a business model that brings you consistent and thriving revenue.

  • Create a brand that feels aligned with you, your company and your customer (they will want to share you with everyone they know and become your sales force.

For consulting sessions please email or visit the contact page