If you are looking for a legal team who understands the legal challenges you face as an entrepreneur or need strategy and representation as your company grows even more profitable and faces new legal terrain, we're here for you. 

We work in the following practice areas: 

  • Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark); 
  • Business Law (formation, foundation documents, terms of purchase, service agreements, ICAs, NDAs, partnerships, new lines of business, sales, mergers and acquisitions);
  • Technology Law (privacy Policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, affiliate relationships, etc.).

We represent clients from various different fields: 

  • Media;
  • Tech;
  • Personal development; 
  • Social Justice;
  • Music;
  • Entertainment;
  • Film;
  • Marketing; 
  • Media Personalities and Influencers;
  • Fashion;
  • Writing, Publishing;
  • Speaking;
  • Social Impact. 

If you're interested in hearing from our clients, please see our testimonials page. 

IF you're interested in scheduling a free 30 minute consultation to see how we may serve you, please see the contact page. 


We have several options to choose from whether you have a large company or you're an entrepreneur starting a new venture. 


This is the perfect session if you want me to travel to you. I will work with you before our session and present the right assessment, strategy and course of action to just you and/or your team.

We provide business guidance in the following areas: 

  • Brand and Marketing Consulting  - Branding that draws out the creative and unique aspects of you and your company that align with your vision and your customer, super fans or ideal clients.

  • Business Expansion Strategy-  Creating a strategy for the long-term growth and adding new and innovative products or services to your company’s current model to increase revenue and plan for its use to expand your company.

I can help you create a customized plan to:

  • Reach your business or company objectives based on your unique goals and challenges;

  • Increase your profit margin so you have more money to invest in your business’s growth;

  • Create a business model that brings you consistent and thriving revenue;
  • Create a brand that feels aligned with you, your company and your customer (they will want to share you with everyone they know and become your sales force.

Through my strategy work I have been able to:

  • Give a company a revenue model that created a $2.5 Million additional revenue for the company and it’s still growing year after year;

  • Helped a company create and launch a product that started a movement for their thriving community and is bringing them over $100,000 in additional revenue every year; 

  • Help another client create a plan that increased her profit margin by $30,000 in 60 days;

  • Helped one client fill her online program before she launched it do the world (she didn’t have to which saved her thousands of dollars).

Investment $10,000. This session lasts approximately 8-10 hours not including pre-prep calls and evaluation. To speak about booking this session please visit the contact page. 


BUSINESS STRATEGY SESSION HALF DAY (4.5 hours via video conference) 

This is the perfect session if you are building a new start-up, creating a new product or service, or need a session to flesh out the idea for any of those. This session also works for entrepreneurs and creators looking to create a solid foundation for their business. 

In this session I can help you: 

  • Create a business model that brings you consistent and thriving revenue;

  • Guide you on the exact business and legal components to create a profitable, sustainable and legally protected business; 

  • Help you create a brand and marketing components that communicate the message, look and experience that brings you repeat loyal customers who are also raving fans who bring you more business;

  • Create a marketing strategy that not only meets your audience and revenue goals, but gives you the tools on how to reevaluate to adjust your plan as your business grows and new technology develops. 

Investment $1500. To speak about booking this session, please visit the contact page. 


LEGAL STRATEGY SESSION ( 2.0 hours via phone or video conference) 

In this session I will provide you with business guidance and assess where your business is vulnerable to potential legal issues and liability and creating the steps to put your business on the right legal path.

After this session you will: 

  • Know exactly where your business is vulnerable and which components of your legal foundation you need right now; 

  • Have a strategic plan for what you need legally as you plan for your business's growth and expansion; 

  • Have specific legal guidance on how to ensure your business is safe on the Internet and from potential litigation or violations of relevant laws and current regulation;  

  • Have all your legal questions and concerns answered as it pertains to intellectual property, business or technology law.

Investment $800. To speak about booking this session, please visit the contact page.


If you have ever felt that you needed a coach who understands your business but also understands how to help you create the life that you want to have, you have come to the right place.

Having an experienced, 1:1 coach, who can hold you accountable, help you create real, sustainable results and ensure that you truly live while you make an impact or serve the world, is what has made all the difference for me. I am more than happy to serve you.

I offer:

  • 9 or 12 month commitments

  • Weekly 60 Minute Calls

  • Unlimited email and "What's App" messages

  • 3 Hour Deep Dive Strategy Session

  • Weekly Assignments and tracking

  • Accountability support

Through my coaching I have been able to:

  • Help my clients double and triple their yearly gross revenue in less than a year;

  • Help my clients reach the multi 6 figure or 7 figure mark without burn out;

  • Helped clients rebrand their business or start new businesses (and make them profitable); 

  • Helped my clients secure funding with their pitches or launch new products and service generating sustainable revenue; 

  • Successfully fund crowd campaigns worth 25,000-50,000;

  • Nail and Launch their branding and marketing for their creative works garnering thousands of views and fans.

CURRENTLY FULL. Investment $1500 per month. If would like to be put on the wait list please fill out this form